Oak barrels make a great addition to any home or business. They are durable and strong and hold a lot of character and personality of your winery or vineyard. But, before you rush out and purchase them, you need to know what types of oak wine barrels for sale are available in your area and what they will do for your wine making needs. There are many types of oak barrels but there are a few main types that are more common than others. Knowing which of the main types will best fit your needs will help you make an informed decision on what is best for your specific situation.

There are many types of oak wine barrels for sale that are designed for deep fermentation. These barrels are often used for white, rose, or blush wines. They are most often used for red wines because they fit snugly and give the wineries plenty of room for experimenting. Deep fermentation oak barrels can be bought new or used ones, which are recycled oak barrels. You can also buy barrels for a whole fermentation set-up which includes racks, kegs, stoppers, and couplings.

There are also floating barrels for sale. These are large barrels that are designed specifically for the floating process. They are submerged in water and are floated across the bottom of the wine batch to promote contact between the air and the wine. The barrels can be purchased pre-floated or you can have them pre-filled. Either way, you will need to provide oxygen for the barrel during the filling process.

Red oak barrels are very popular since oak provides a rich brown color tone to the liquid. However, if you are looking for a lighter barrel, then an oak wine barrel that is made from white oak would work very well. White oak is lighter colored and does not allow the sediments from the oak to taint the flavor of your drink.

An important factor to note is that red wine should never be stored in oak. Even though the color of the liquid is consistent with that of red oak, the taste is usually very different. As such, you do not want to purchase a red oak barrel for your home wine cellar. Instead, purchase a white oak barrel to store it in. It will probably take quite some time for the liquid to mellow out, but the taste will remain the same.

When you are purchasing oak wine barrels for sale, look for ones that are made of oak that is straight from the tree. Some oak trees grow very slowly and when they do, they are very unevenly spaced. If you find an oak wine barrels for sale that you really like, it is important to note that the oak barrels may also house other types of wood. For example, some oak wine barrels can house cedar and hemlock.